Resuscitation of the Vedas




Shree:"All religions, all beliefs and counter-beliefs are singular in nature and have come into existence according to the need of the circumstances prevailing in those times. Complete in all respects and the most established truths that are effectively applicable at all time are expounded by Vedas alone. This is why in course of time religion propounded 
by the Vedas will be the Universal Religion.”
 4, p. 137 *

Together with Creation, laws were given which enable a harmonious and peaceful life on Earth. They include natural sciences as well as ethical and moral foundations, the working of subtle energies, correct conduct towards higher forces, and not least, dedication to God. In the ancient Sanskrit scholar's language, these laws are called Satya Dharma or Satya Sanātana Dharma.

The term Dharma encompasses the eternal order, the law, our duty, and virtue.

Satya is the truth.

Sanātana means forever.

Satya Dharma is usually translated as "Eternal," "True" or "Universal Religion," even if the term contains much more.




The Eternal Religion had once been 'heard' by enlightened seers (Rishis) and handed down from generation to generation, until it was finally written down thousands of years ago--the Vedas came into existence. The word Veda comes from the Sanskrit root "Vid" and means knowledge.

This knowledge had once been spread throughout the globe. All religions are based on it, and yet it fell more and more into oblivion. The four books of the Vedas are written in such a way that a long study is necessary to understand their content; the necessary basic knowledge for comprehension, however, was almost no longer available.

On 21 September 1944, Shree was shown in a vision the condition of the Vedas: He saw four dogs that were in such a precarious condition that it looked like they were going to die (the dogs are a symbol for the Vedas). Thereupon He took the vow:

"I will resuscitate the Vedas."

A few days later, Shree repeated the vow three times before Lord Parshuram. Shortly thereafter it was revealed to Him in Seven Verses how His vow was to be fulfilled--the Fivefold Path was given.

Whoever once made a vow knows that often a life is hardly enough time to fulfill it. When a Param Sadguru makes an oath, there is such an immense power that the oath is fulfilled at the same moment it is given (even if its manifestation in the visible world may take some time). Thus, opposing forces have no chance of preventing it.

For this reason, it was necessary that a Divine Being be born for such a great task of worldwide importance. Only a Param Sadguru, an Avatar supported by all heavenly beings, was able to bring about the great change in our dark age and allow us humans to get out of chaos.

The "Fivefold Path" summarizes the principles of the Vedas in an easily comprehensible way. These principles do not require study and are freely accessible to everyone. To practice them is enough to turn conditions in the world for the better and enable a harmonious life of human, animal and plant life. Material and spiritual prosperity are included as well as a recovery of our desecrated earth with its atmosphere. The fire techniques (Yajnyas and Homa) provide invaluable support and help.

* The numbers listed above refer to the book titles mentioned in the References.