Messages of Shree


On the occasion of the Somayaga in 1969, Shree gave the following message which was recorded and broadcast on an Indian radio channel. This was the only time the voice of Shree could be heard on the air:

"It is our desire that the Kingdom of Heaven descends on earth.
Let there be peace and prosperity on the planet.
Be engrossed in the practice of Yajnya, Daan, Tapa, Karma, Swadhyaya.
This is the Eternal Religion (Satya Dharma)."*


In 1975, the following message of Shree could be recorded, which He spoke in English:

"Showers of Love to all, O seekers of Eternal Truth,
O travellers of Divine Path.
Grace of Almighty Father which is in Heaven always be with you.
Kingdom of Heaven is nearing now!




In the night of 16 to 17 May 1978, Shree gave a message on the occasion of His birthday just at midnight. It was recorded on tape by Horst Heigl (formerly Lozynski) and a sound technician:

"Grace be with you all, O travellers of Kingdom of Heaven.
Light of the World has descended on Earth.
Divine Light is spreading throughout the whole planet.
Kingdom of Heaven is near at hand.
Blessed are who saw the Light. Fortunate are who walked in Light,
for they will enter the Kingdom of Heaven.




Shortly before Easter, on 5 April 1982, Shree was asked by Horst Heigl if he could take His voice on tape. Thereupon Shree gave the following message:

„O travellers of Kingdom of Heaven, travel on Fivefold Path,
the path of Almighty Father.
Light, everywhere Light.
Showers, showers of bliss all over.
No fear, no anxiety, no danger of judgement.
Freedom, ever freedom.
Kingdom of Heaven is near, near at hand.
Grace of Almighty be with you all.“




On 25 December 1982, Shree gave a Christmas message resembling that of Easter:

"O travellers of Kingdom of Heaven, travel on Fivefold Path,
path of Almighty Father, path of ancient Rishis, path of holy Prophets.
Light, everywhere Light.
No fear of the day of judgement, no cares, no anxieties.
Bliss ever bliss.
Sun is shining over New Era.
Kingdom of Heaven is nearing now.
O near at hand."




* The Indian language Marathi has no term for me, but instead uses us. This was adopted in the translation.