Son of Man


The first signs that a Divine being would be born were already given four years before Shree’s birth. In 1914, His mother, Sonamata, learned from a holy person that she would give life to the "Light of the Universe".

On 25 December 1941, it was revealed from Supreme Light to Shree that He had already lived and worked as Rama, Krishna and Buddha, and was now incarnated as the Son of Man

The term Son of Man is both found in the Bible and in ancient Sanskrit texts; there he is called Manava Putra. “Son of Man” is not another name or the epithet of a person; it designates the position that this person holds for the duration of an unbelievably high Divine task - an Avatar. All Divine powers are at His disposal. His consciousness has been so elevated at a given time that it is the same as if God works.1, p. 49

In a letter which Shree wrote to Bhausaheb Peshkar in 1945, He used the term "Son of Man" several times and thus confirmed the revelation.

In 1976 Shree was asked by Horst Heigl who He was. Shree waited several days until He answered: "And now to your question,

I am the Light of the Universe.".