The content on these pages has been carefully compiled and reviewed. These were the main sources:

  1. "Akkalkot - Das Guru Mandir" and
  2. "Shivapuri" by Horst und Birgitt Heigl. Both books were created after years of research and contain many details of Shree's life. Before these books were published, they were carefully reviewed by Shree's son, Dr. Shreekant Rajimwale (published in German).
  3. "Agnihotra - Ursprung, Praxis und Anwendungen" by Horst und Birgitt Heigl--a comprehensive standard reference on all issues of Agnihotra and further yajnyas (published in German).
  4. "Sandeshta - The Messenger" of Manohar Potdar -- a detailed biography of Shree, combined with the life of one of his closest devotees, Mahanubhav Madhavji Potdar (Potdarsheb) of Bhopal.
  5. "New World" of Vasudev Govind Apte -- a compilation of various statements by Shree.
  6. "Sapta Shloki, The Seven Verses“ by Vasant V. Paranjpe -- the translation of the 7 verses into English.




  1. Personal conversations between Shree and Horst Heigl during 33 visits. An autobiographical work in two volumes, entitled "Fulfilled Promises", has been published in 2018 (in German)
  2. Personal conversations and correspondence with Shree’s son, Dr. Shreekant Rajimwale, and Shree's grandson, Dr. Purushottam Rajimwale. We thank them very much for their constant helpfulness.


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