Shree: "Everyone in this world has the right to learn and understand the principles of the Vedas."

The Fivefold Path, which was given by Shree and contains the quintessence of the Vedas, is a way of practice. Anyone who would like to implement it can do this without previous studies, without conditions. Even the basic fire technique (Yajnya) is easy to learn. Shree ensured this through the revival and renewal of Agnihotra.

Agnihotra is performed daily at sunrise and sunset. At these times, the Sun and the Earth radius is at a 90° angle, creating a kind of "light channel". This effect is used with Agnihotra and the flood of subtle energy that is produced is enormous.

The performance of the small fire takes only a few minutes. For this purpose specific ingredients are burnt in a pyramid-shaped copper vessel, and some Vedic sounds (mantras) are sung which are precisely tuned to the special vibration conditions at sunrise and sunset.

The healing energies emanating from Agnihotra fire are directed into the atmosphere and are also contained in the remaining ash. The Agnihotra ash is high in energy and is used as an aid to the recovery of man, animal and plant.

Agnihotra may be regarded as a “weapon of light" against the main problems of our time:

  • A purification of air, water and earth takes place.
  • It supports the health of humans, animals and plants.
  • The psyche is regenerated; stress is reduced.
  • It helps to restore the ecological balance.
  • It promotes healthy plant growth.
  • The life energy is amplified and can flow harmoniously.

The effects of Agnihotra are enormous; it is holistic and encompasses all three levels of being--the physical, mental and spiritual level.

Agnihotra and other Yajnyas are used worldwide in agriculture, medicine, psychotherapy and many other areas with great success.

Agnihotra also acts as a mediator of man to God. We offer a small gift (symbolic for our love and devotion) to the fire (symbolic for the highest light). The fire acts as an amplifier. The blessings we receive of it are inconceivable.

Shree: "One can reach the superlative state of mind
merely by practising Agnihotra.”


Sonnenuntergang Agnihotra-Feuer





The practical implementation of Agnihotra
is described at www.agnihotra-online.com
Here the exact times of sunrise and sunset for a year can be calculated free of charge.

You will also find detailed information, scientific studies as well as dates of lectures or free Agnihotra seminars at www.agnihotra-online.com


A request:: Agnihotra is revealed knowledge, not an invention which can be improved by changing it. Please do not change Agnihotra, neither through other ingredients nor by singing the mantra several times nor through other ideas. Shree gave us the Fivefold Path to practise as simply as possible, with maximum effect. Every change and addition adds to the fact that knowledge is more and more veiled or complicated (as has been the case so often in history), until it is no longer recognisable. Please help to keep the knowledge in its simplicity and clarity, and please do not try to develop a business idea from it.